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Our Polyethylene storage tanks have been the backbone of countless featured projects, offering unmatched durability and reliability in a wide range of industries. From providing secure storage solutions for corrosive chemicals in the petrochemical sector to safeguarding potable water in municipal facilities, our tanks have consistently delivered top-notch performance. These featured projects showcase our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that our clients can trust our Polyethylene storage tanks to meet their diverse and demanding storage needs. Whether it’s in agriculture, wastewater treatment, or the food and beverage industry, our tanks have consistently proven their mettle, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in fluid storage solutions.

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Portable Water Storage Systems

PORTABLE WATER STORAGE SYSTEMS West Coast Poly’s Portable water storage systems are constructed complete with storage tank, pressure pump and a UV Steriflo Kit for managing bacteria and viruses in drinking water supplies. Portable water storage systems are ideal for short-term and long-term water supply for portable buildings, construction site…
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Sodium Hypochlorite Solution Tank

SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE TANK West Coast Poly’s 4,500L Polyethylene (HDPE) storage tank was factory-made heavy duty for industrial application and suitable for storing 12.5% sodium Hypochlorite solution with a SG1.2 at ambient temperature and hydrostatic pressure.  The tank was insulated with 50mm foam insulation with a protective hard coat, and fully…
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7,000L Fire Service Tank

West Coast Poly manufacture custom tanks to your specific requirements with maximum strength and durability in mind. With space restrictions and a minimum of 5,000L effective capacity required, we extended the height of our 4,500L storage tank to create this 7,000L Fire Service Water Tank. The tank also features a…
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320L Reverse Osmosis Water Tank

Small but Mighty! It’s only 320L but is fitted with both a Table E flange and BSP connections for Reverse Osmosis water. West Coast Poly’s industrial tanks can be designed and customised for individual projects.We pride ourselves on our considered approach to finding specific solutions to the storage requirements of…
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12,000L Raw Effluent Storage Tanks

The 2 x 12,000L Raw Effluent Storage Tanks are fully bunded and secured inside heavy-duty steel frames with tank locator brackets, lifting points and fork tine lifting points. The tanks were fitted to specification including – DN150 odour limiting atmospheric vent, 9v High level alarm, 9v Bund alarm and mechanical…
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Dairy Flush Tank

Dairy Flush Tanks

Custom designed for efficient flushing, these Dairy Flush Tanks are fitted with 400mm ‘quick release’ outlet/butterfly valves. The idea is to have a ‘gusher-tidal wave’ which will ‘sweep’ down your yard in a matter of minutes. West Coast Poly manufactures custom tanks for maximum strength and durability. Our experienced technical…
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2,500l Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank

We don’t ‘just’ make tanks – we listen to your requirements, take into account the tanks application and then together we design the right tank for you. This 2500L storage tank is fully contained inside a 4,500L tank for added safety. Fittings include bund alarm and ultrasonic level sensor. We…
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Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank

HYDROCHLORIC ACID SOLUTION STORAGE TANK Looking impressive standing at 4.5m high, this tank holds a volume of 28,000L and is the third in a series delivered to site, complete with a HDPE splash shield wrapped fully around the tank wall. The tank is fitted with quality fittings and heavy-duty load…
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