Selecting a Residential Tank


West Coast Poly water tanks receive rainwater from your roof and collect it for later use. You can then use the stored water around your home and garden.

A rainwater tank not only reduces the use of mains water, it CONSERVES WATER.

Have you ever watched the rainwater cascading down the guttering and downpipes on a rainy day and thought “What a Waste”. Installing a rainwater tank is a simple, effective and low energy way of achieving great water savings.

Use simply as a free standing independent supply, or connect to the household for greater usage.


Deciding where to place your tank will be greatly influenced by how much space you have. This will also help decide the size and shape of your tank; check out our products to find the tank that’s right for your home.

If you wanted a large capacity tank but space is an issue, you could use two or more smaller tanks to equal the same storage capacity by linking the tanks together, or perhaps placing at different positions around the home. Our tanks are designed to link together easily, so connecting different tanks together is simple. Whether you buy two or more tanks to connect or you can take it one tank at a time! Building your perfect rainwater system over a span of a few years.

When selecting a site to place your water tank also give consideration to maximising the best possible position to capture water from your roof. Try to place the tank as close to a downpipe as possible, this will minimise pipe work at installation time.

Your tank will require stable base, so select a smooth, firm, level surface on which to site the tank (paving, concrete and sand are all suitable), keeping in mind 1 litre of water = 1kg!

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The size tank you require will also depend on space available, consider checking you approximate roof space and annual rainfall as a guideline for how much water you could harvest.

Consider what you want to use the water for; watering the garden, washing the car, drinking and cooking with, or perhaps to top up the swimming pool. You may be surprised just how much water you can collect and this is just the beginning to cutting down on mains water consumption.

If you are not quite sure on tank size, it always pays to put in a larger tank than you think you will need to ensure you have enough water when you need it. Additionally, you can plumb in your tank to the toilet/s and cold water line to the laundry to save even more reliance on mains water.

Tanks come in a variety of sizes, shapes & colours. Just because you have little space does not mean you can’t have a rainwater tank!

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After choosing the size and type of your tank, tailor it to fit your requirements or personalise it to suit your tastes. Our tanks are available in a variety of colours that match the Colorbond range. Whether you prefer your tank to blend in with your home or stand out in a crowd, selecting the perfect colour is the ideal way to personalise your tank.

How will you utilise your rainwater system? With our array of options and accessories, you can customise your tank and system to maximise the utility of your collected rainwater. Whether you rely entirely on tank water, aim to maintain a lush garden, or wish to supply or reuse grey water, we have you covered.

From ensuring cleaner rainwater with leaf eaters that filter leaves and debris, to first flush diverters that capture and divert the most contaminated water from your roof away from your tank, our range of accessories is designed to suit your needs. Choose from submersible or above-ground pumps to ensure your water flows precisely where you need it, as well as filtration or disinfection systems. Build your ideal water tank solution package with West Coast Poly.

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Did you know that washing machines and toilets use around 250 litres per day? That toilets use 5 litres of water per flush? Or that evaporative air con dumps 40 – 100 litres of water every hour? It’s why the greatest water saving are made by supplying appliances in the home. Appliances like washing machines and toilets which use large volumes of water all year round or half of all the water consumed in the average household. Given the Perth Metro rainfall pattern where most of the rain falls from mid April to mid October, a modest 2,500 litre tank could easily sustain a supply of water to a one or more household appliances for this period without the need to supplement the supply with mains water.

Increasing the tank size does not greatly improve the efficiency factor as it is based on the number of refills related to the rainfall pattern in this period.

Rainwater Harvesting packages consisting of a tank + pumping system + filter are available from West Coast Poly. These packages can be designed with different sized tanks and pumping systems to suit the individual needs and applications.

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