Industrial & Mining Tank Deliveries


What we do

The delivery and installation of industrial & commercial tanks can present some unique issues due to; their size, the fittings installed, attached pipework and so on.

These issues should be discussed at the time of order as additional costs related to the distances that need to be travelled and the type and size of the vehicle required will have to be calculated.

We will use our vast experience accumulated over two decades to come up with the best and most cost-effective (not cheapest) solution, be this using our own vehicles or specialised contractors with whom we are familiar.

We will use our own equipment or hire localised cranes to load tanks onto the designated vehicle and ensure that the restraint, signage, permits, and if necessary, pilot vehicles are available on the day.


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Ensure Site Entry
Is Organised

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Prepare Site

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Provide Lifting Equipment
& Trained Personnel

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We’ll Deliver
Your Tank

What you must do

You must make us aware of particular requirements in regard to site entry, induction briefing, site access times and other requirements that may apply to your particular site.

Prepare a foundation for the tank, this will often be a cement pad or compacted sand base 300mm to 500mm larger than the tank diameter. Remember to allow for large fittings or pump installations which should fit within the area compacted for the tank.

Provide lifting equipment and trained personnel to assist with unloading the tank and positioning it on the site. If the tank has to be stored awaiting its final installation point ensure that the tank is tied down from the restraint points on the roof and protected from traffic.

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