Sodium Hypochlorite Solution Tank


West Coast Poly’s 4,500L Polyethylene (HDPE) storage tank was factory-made heavy duty for industrial application and suitable for storing 12.5% sodium Hypochlorite solution with a SG1.2 at ambient temperature and hydrostatic pressure.  The tank was insulated with 50mm foam insulation with a protective hard coat, and fully contained inside an open top HDPE bund.

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution1 1
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution2 1
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution3 1
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution4 1

We pride ourselves on our considered approach to finding specific solutions to the storage requirements of individual clients and their installations.

West Coast Poly’s chemical storage tanks can be designed and customised for individual projects. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming storage requirements, or email your information to chad@westcoastpoly.com.au for further details.