Your Custom Project


Whatever the project may be West Coast Poly’s team will work with you, to find a custom tank solution for your needs. 

West Coast Poly’s tanks range in size from 320L to 50,000L, offering you a broad choice for your next project. While their in-house fabrication team have a large range of fittings and features to suit your specific requirements.

Our Technical Staff can assist you with the design of your project and will work closely with you to determine your exact requirements. To provide you with an effective and economical tank solution.

An example of one our custom projects is the Dairy Flush Tanks pictured on the right. These tanks were made for a dairy farmer client. They are flood wash tanks designed to rapidly clean a defined area through an accelerated flood of water. Our client didn’t have to add on expensive high-pressure pumps, because we designed the tank to maximise the water volume and velocity. We achieved this in two ways, firstly, we poly welded together two 2000 gallon tanks a top of one another. Giving the tank more vertical height while minimizing the footprint, increasing water head pressure.

Secondly, we specially fitted the tank with a 400mm quick release butterfly outlet valves. When those handles are turned the water gushes out in a wave, sweeping down a yard in a matter of minutes.

If you would like to contact us further, email us your details, or fill out a enquiry form. Our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your custom tank solution.

Dairy Flush Tank Web 300X300 1
Img E6243 Custom Project
Dsc 3992 Custom Project
Img 8272 Custom Project
14000L Bunded Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 75024 6 Custom Project
Environex 773337 Stacked Tank 8500L Custom Project Contained 1 3
Dsc 1622 Custom Project Reduced
49747 Custom Project45
Dsc 1911 Custom Project


Why Choose Wcp

West Coast Poly has earned an impressive reputation as one of the leading and largest manufacturers of polyethylene storage tanks in Western Australia.

You will be dealing with a company with advanced manufacturing systems and unmatched manufacturing ability.
Talking with experienced local personnel who understand the home-grown conditions for the rural, residential and mining/industrial sectors of Western Australia.
Assured that our service and manufacturing practices are of the highest standards, guaranteeing a top-quality, well-designed product.


There’s Free Delivery within 800km of our Canning Vale Factory for our agricultural products. For more information, please see the Delivery Section.