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Agriculture Water Storage Tanks-West Coast Poly

Water is such a vital part of life on the land, storage must be reliable and long-lasting. West Coast Poly’s agricultural water storage tanks have the great advantage of being strong and durable but lightweight enough to move and manage. A great choice for storing stock, spray and household water, and also bore water with high salt and iron content.

West Coast Poly’s 20 Year Manufacturers Guarantee ensures total commitment to the quality and workmanship that goes into your new agricultural water storage tank and our ISO 9001 Certification gives added assurance to customers that our service and manufacturing practices are of the highest standards.  
Standard fittings are installed into your tank at time of delivery so fit out is to your satisfaction making the tank efficient and easy to use.


4,500L to 50,000L

VolumeDiameterInlet HeightOverall HeightPrice Inc GST


46,000L to 100,000L

VolumeDiameterInlet HeightOverall HeightPrice Inc GST
2 x 23000L/5100G3.78M2.27M2.40M$6,226
2 x 25000L/5600G3.78M2.47M2.60M$6,644
2 x 27500L/6100G3.78M2.69M2.82M$7,436
2 x 38000L/8400G4.3M3.07M3.15M$11,363
2 x 50000L/11,100G4.6M3.30M3.45M$15,664

***Combo measurements above are per tank.


West Coast Poly has earned an impressive reputation as the leading and largest manufacturer of polyethylene storage tanks in Western Australia.

  • You will be dealing with a company with advanced manufacturing systems and technology.
  • You will be dealing with Local experts who understand the local conditions for the rural, urban and industrial sectors of Western Australia
  • Value added services such as Delivery Options and easy access to the manufacturer.

Key Features

Superior Strength

The superior strength of a West Coast Poly tank is attributable to the additional materials used in its construction and the reinforced lower wall. Water pressure increases with depth, hence the stress increases towards the bottom of the tank, concentrating material in this area ensures a stronger more durable product.

Advanced Rib Profile

West Coast Poly water tanks are engineered with a unique rib profile, designed specifically to maximise the strength of your tank. This unique rib profile increases wall stiffness without creating thin spots normally associated with ribbing.

Integrated Roof

West Coast Poly water tanks are of one piece construction with the roof integrated into the body of the tank rather than attached by screws or rivets. This makes the overall tank stronger and eliminates the possibility of the lid coming off in high winds or cyclonic conditions.

Fully Sealed

All West Coast Poly water tanks have an integrated leaf strainer, or screwed access hatch to prevent insects and other pests entering the tank, even the overflow has a mosquito proof screen. This means clean hygienic storage for your precious water supply.

Safe for Drinking

West Coast Poly water tanks are manufactured from resins approved under AS4020 the Australian Standard for potable (drinking) water and for food contact under the Australian Standard AS2070. These standards are your guarantee of a taint free water supply.

Resistant to Corrosion

Resistant to a wide range of chemical environments, these tanks will never rust or corrode even with high salt or iron content waters. They can be installed on any smooth level surface.

UV Resistant

West Coast Poly tanks use state of the art ultraviolet stability UV 20 System, effectively doubling the UV resistance formulated to handle the extreme conditions of Australia and New Zealand. This means additional peace of mind with regard to weathering.

Fully Western Australian

West Coast Poly is a Western Australian company located in Canning Vale, giving you easy access to the manufacturer for special fittings or installations and ensuring your money stays in W.A. A tank made in Western Australia for Western Australian conditions.

Written 20 Year Guarantee*

Rest Easy. The purchase of a West Coast Poly rural/agricultural water tank brings with it a written 20 year guarantee*. Backed by the manufacturer, you can be assured only the best workmanship and best materials have gone into your new tank.

For full guarantee details CLICK HERE

*20 year Guarantee effective as of the 19 June 2019.