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It’s been a while …try over 20 years since we have made a full production TV branding commercial. But, hopefully the wait was worth it!

Our first TVC back in 1999 ran for many (many) years on local regional TV and became iconic with Glen Jakovich’s tagline “but I reckcon the best thing about West Coast Poly is their name”

Glen Jakovich, former West Coast Eagles champion centre half-back worked as our brand ambassador for over 20 years.  With family connections to the land, strong ties to the community and a major supporter of junior football, Jako encompassed the qualities in synonym to West Coast Poly – quality, experience and local.

Take a step back into the past and refresh your memories.



Our new TVC features our newly appointed brand ambassador. This advertisement is a nod to the first TVC, and Glen Jakovich. We thank Glen for his long standing professionalism representing and promoting West Coast Poly and are thrilled he could be part of welcoming Josh to the West Coast Poly Team.  Take a look and let us know what you think.



Keep an eye out for when it makes an appearance on regional television – GWN7, 7MATE and 7TWO ….