Large Capacity Tanks

Imagine conserving your own independent water supply to use everyday with no restrictions.

Do you have a large block in the suburban environ and would like to install tanks with larger capacity for water storage? West Coast Poly have a great range of larger capacity tanks, these are designed to be the ideal solution water storage where larger volumes are required. These larger tanks which have volumes up to 27,500litres can be linked together and fitted with a pressure pump system to supply complete domestic needs including having an independent supply on hand for fire safety storage.

Dealing with West Coast Poly you will be dealing with a devoted company that has 2 decades of experience in manufacturing and designing the best tank, delivering it to your door and providing a 10 year warranty.



4,500L to 27,500L

VolumeDiameterInlet HeightOverall HeightPrice Inc GST


46,000L to 55,000L

VolumeDiameterInlet HeightOverall HeightPrice Inc GST
2 x 23000L/5100G3.78M2.27M2.40M$5,588
2 x 25000L/5600G3.78M2.47M2.60M$5,995
2 x 27500L/6100G3.78M2.69M2.82M$6,688

***Combo measurements above are per tank.

Key Features

Safe for drinking

Tanks are manufactured from material approved under Australian Standards AS4020 for potable (drinking) water and AS2070 for food contact.

UV resistant

Tanks made with ultraviolet stability UV 20 material which has ultra high resistance to sunlight degradation.

Resistant to corrosion

Tanks can be installed on any smooth level surface as polyethylene will never rust or corrode.

Advanced rib profile

Tanks engineered with a unique and attractive rib profile to maximise strength.

Fully sealed

Leaf strainer and mosquito proof overflow prevents insects and pests entering the tank

Written 20 Year Guarantee*

Rest Easy. The purchase of a West Coast Poly water tank brings with it a written 20 year guarantee. Backed by the manufacturer, you can be assured only the best workmanship and best materials have gone into your new tank.

For full guarantee details CLICK HERE

*20 year Guarantee effective as of the 19 June 2019.