Domestic and Slimline Tanks

West Coast Poly have designed a range of urban domestic rainwater tanks to suit the suburban environment. The tanks were manufactured with consideraton of the household block where limited space is an important consideration. Slimline tanks that fit neatly under the eaves and traditional round tanks are part of the range. The rainwater tanks are available in a great range of sizes, styles and colour you are sure to find the perfect tank for your requirements. The tanks are attractively designed to complement the surrounding environment of the home.

Options exist for a free standing tank connected to your roof or having it plumbed into the house for household usage such as drinking water, toilet flushing or domestic appliances. See more information on the Rainwater Harvesting Page.

A household water tank is a simple effective way to harvest rainwater it has economic, social and environmental benefits for the future.


Domestic and Slimline Tanks, Domestic and Slimline Tanks

720L (160gal) Tank

Domestic and Slimline Tanks, Domestic and Slimline Tanks

2500L (560gal) Tank

Domestic and Slimline Tanks, Domestic and Slimline Tanks

Slimline 1500L Tank

Domestic and Slimline Tanks, Domestic and Slimline Tanks

Slimline 2500L Tank

Domestic and Slimline Tanks, Domestic and Slimline Tanks

Slimline 3000L Tank


720L Courtyard0.80M1.50M1.60M$462
2500L Suburban1.42M1.62M1.86M$770



1500L Slimline1.86M0.80M1.40M$748
2500L Spacesaver2.08M0.715M2.35M$1,155
3000L Terrace1.99M0.80M2.52M$1,320




  1. Space Saving
  2. Variety of Colours, UV Resistant
  3. Can be placed directly onto pavers.
  4. Reinforced band allows tap placement for easy access
  5. Easily Relocatable
  6. Manufactured locally in WA, 10 Year Guarantee

The Tanks

The Courtyard 720L (160gal)

This rainwater tank is a slender round tank that looks attractive in a courtyard setting. It is ideal for storing rainwater for drinking, the most popular use of this rainwater tank is watering delicate courtyard plants such as orchids and fuchsias.The water is pure and free of chemicals, so there is no staining of the leaves.

Area Coverage – less than 0.5 square metres of space

The Slimline 1500L (350gal)

One of the most popular rainwater tanks for the home, modern neat oval shape looks attractive. The 1,500litre Slimline is designed to fit under the eaves without compromising tank capacity. An ideal tank for collecting rainwater for drinking water with an elevated tap it has easy access. It is simple to put two Slimiline 1500L water tanks together to increase your capacity from 1500 to 3,000 Litres

Area Coverage – less than 0.9 square metres of space

The Suburban 2500L (560gal)

The Suburban is a traditional round shaped tank, it is excellent value for the price. It is perfectly suited as an all rounder to water plants or connect to a small pressure pump. The suburban 2500L can e fitted to supply appliances like a toilet and/or washing machine.

Area Coverage – less than 1.6 square metres of space

The Spacesaver 2500L (560gal)

The Spacesaver is aptly named, a feature of this rainwater storae tank is it’s width only 0.715m, this allows the tank to fit easily along the wall under the eaves without protruding. It is an attractive slimline shape without compromising the capacity of 2,500litres. It is versatile allowing for an outlet and overflow to be fitted on either side.

Area Coverage – less than 1.57 square metres of space

The Terrace 3000L

The Terrace tank offers a large capacity storage, it is a slimline design allowing easy fit along the wall of the home. Two tanks can be coupled together for more storage if required. The terrace tank can be placed directly onto pavers is ideal for connecting to a pressure pump for greater use. Options for use are around the home are endless, wash the car, top up the pool or plumb into the home.

Area Coverage – less than 1.9 square metres of space