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Rainwater Rewards - Rainwater Harvesting - Water Corporation Rebate 2019 - Peppermint Grove Beach, Yallingup, Cowaramup & Margaret River - Denmark & Walpole

PLEASE NOTE – Rebate applications for customers in the South West have closed, including Peppermint Grove Beach, Yallingup, Cowaramup, Margaret River and Walpole.

Rainwater Rewards

Customers in Denmark are eligible for the rainwater tank rebate. 
Rainwater tanks are a great way to reduce our dependency on scheme water. And when they’re plumbed into your home, the benefits are even greater – saving up to 20% of the average in-house water use each year. A 125m2 roof area can collect up to 51,000 litres of water annually, supplying part of a household’s water needs.

Rainwater Rewards offers the following rebates*

  • NEW TANK & PLUMBING – up to a maximum of $1000 for a new rainwater tank with a capacity of 2000L or more that is plumbed in;
  • PLUMBING IN AN EXISTING TANK – up to a maximum of $500 for plumbing in an existing rainwater tank with a capacity of 2000L or more;
  • REPLACING AN EXISTING PLUMBED IN TANK – up to a maximum of $500 for the rainwater tank with a capacity of 2000L or more.

*For Terms & Conditions and ‘How to Claim’ CLICK HERE
If you have any questions, please email

Rainwater Harvesting Photo series

View the full range of West Coast Poly’s Water Storage Tanks

West Coast Poly have a range of rainwater storage tanks up to 3,000 Litres and larger capacity tanks from 4,500 to 50,000 Litres.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems are available complete with a Divertron 1200 submersible pump with a roof mounted automatic water switch controller, flexible stainless steel “quick” connection hoses, mains water isolation valve, overflow port, leaf strainer inlet, tap and a screwed inspection hatch.