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West Coast Poly - October Tank Deals - 9,000L - 4,500L - 14,000L - Poly Water Storage TanksSmall block or Large …the more water the better!

There’s savings to be made right now as West Coast Poly offer OCTOBER TANK DEALS.

Small block or large, harvesting the water from our homes and sheds is an EASY, SIMPLE and ECONOMICAL way of providing a supply of good quality water – and it’s free!

Rainwater collected from your roof and stored in a tank can be used for many things – drinking water, stock water, the garden, washing the car, topping up the pool …the list goes on!

West Coast Poly’s October Tank Deals commences on the 30th of September 2019 and runs through until the 1st of November 2019.

West Coast Poly’s OCTOBER TANK DEALS offer 3 great specials!

  1. Purchase the 14,000L Tank for only $1,980 – normally $2,090, that’s a saving of $110.
  2. The 9,000L Tank has been discounted to $1,562 and
  3. …the 4,500L Tank is only $924.

ALL PRICES include GST, delivery within 700km of Perth and standard fittings!

See West Coast Poly’s full range of URBAN TANKSLARGER CAPACITY TANKS or the NEW 38,000 & 50,000L OFFER!

Quality, price, fast delivery, product design and leading-edge technology make West Coast Poly the leaders in polyethylene storage tanks.

Pick a colour and grab your tank today, contact your local agent or call 1800 555 185 for further details.