Industrial / Mining Range

Storage Products for all your Industrial Needs.

West Coast Poly produces quality polyethylene storage tanks of maximum strength and durability, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

The versatility and resistance to weathering make these tanks the ideal choice for wastewater treatment, fire storage, emergency supply and process water storage. Tanks can be fitted with a wide range of brass, stainless steel and polyethylene fittings and flanges up to 600mm diameter.

Our experienced technical staff will gladly assist with configuring a tank to your specific requirements and can advise on valves, level gauges, sight tubes, access hatches, vortex breakers and a host of other related products to enhance the tanks performance in your particular application.

West Coast Poly manufacturing processes are designed to achieve optimum properties from the moulded material and can offer impact testing in accordance with AS/NZ 4766. Welded fittings are installed by qualified personnel and non-destructive spark testing of welds or hydrostatic testing of vessels can be provided.

Having a fully guaranteed, factory fitted tank, tailored to your exact requirements saves on installation time and reduces site costs while cutting down on procurement time.



Our drivers are accredited and familiar with the documentation required to commercial sites. WA transport guidelines for oversize permits are part of our everyday work, in many cases we are well equipped to handle the delivery of Industrial size tanks.

We are willing to work with our client to achieve the best result for delivery of their specialized products.

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