Specialised Applications

While storage tanks have a wide range of applications in agriculture there is also a number of products specifically designed to meet individual needs.

Mixing Tanks

These vessels are designed to have a high capacity agitator mounted on the top of the tank, so additional fertilisers and pesticides can be added to spray mixtures. The use of these mixing tanks is proving effective and efficient in the area of viticulture, horticulural, turf production in fact with most intensive spraying and intensive irrigation.  This type of applicaiton is changing the face of agriculutre since a farmer can mix fertilizer and chemicals on site and tailor the mix to specific needs.

Operational advantages are the tanks are easily transportable and be shifted from one irrigation area to another as required. Cost effective and convenient, growers need only purchase one mixing tank to service their crops and have the flexibility to change fertilizers and areas when needed.


Modern high performance diesel engines use the aqueous urea solution AdBlue to reduce emissions.  The demand for on-farm storage of this liquid is growing and while small volumes can be stored in IBC’s, larger volumes require on-farm storage. West Coast Poly has developed a specialised self-bunded tank complete with a high capacity pump, an elevated fill line and digital level indicator.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel dispensing nozzle with 5m delivery hose
  • 35lpm Flow rate
  • Corrosion free 240v pump
  • Digital liquid level indicator
  • Lockable door on pump cabinet
  • Fully self-bunded containment
  • Suitable for storage of AdBlue Solution
  • Fully vented
  • Protected from direct light
  • High level infill line with non return

These are just two of the specialised products produced by West Coast Poly, for use on-farm and properties. West Coast Poly also have available a range of specialised fittings and monitoring equipment that can be added for ease of use to the tanks. Call and speak to our specialised sales staff, they can assist and customize a tank to suit your requirements.