Want to know about West Coast Poly? Well, these pages are designed to give our customers an understanding of;

  •  Our structure and background
  •  Our qualifications
  •  Our manufacturing processes
  •  The external face of our company
  •  Policies relating to our customers and external associations.

While the quality of our products and the service that our staff provide to our customers is a testament to the ideology of the company, we would like to give you some further detail so that you have facts reinforcing and fostering a positive confidence and understanding of the range of competencies of the company.

For us the words of the Greek philosopher Aristotle ring very true:

Our Community Commitment:

As a Western Australian company, the company recognizes and strives to engage and contribute positively to the community in which it operates and deals with, this community covers the full breadth of the State of WA.

West Coast Poly has proudly supported the WACFL (Country Football League) for the past 9 years as a Sponsor of Player of the Week and Player of the Year award. This sponsorship reaches across the country areas of the State.

A long term supporter of the Landor Races and Gymkhana, one of the oldest race clubs in Australia. The meeting has a colourful history and truly outback flavour. The Landor tradition was born in 1921 and has operated continuously since. It is held in the spirit of a strictly amateur race meeting with local station horses and riders. It is a big social event each year for families that live in isolated areas, something for everyone. The main event is the Landor Cup.

About Us_Our Community Commitment_Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association of WA_West Coast Poly

West Coast Poly are proud to sponsor Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association of WA Inc.
The Association provides representation to over 90 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Brigades from Kununurra to Esperance to Kalgoorlie – including 5 private Brigades – Leinster, Paraburdoo, Pannawonica, Tom Price and Murrin Murrin.